Torpan Tarinat® -postikortit - Croft House Tales postcards

Torpan Tarinat® (registered trade mark in Finland) – Croft House Tales postcards tell a story about Finnish countryside and bring the feeling of Scandinavian country living close.

Finnish nature, food and rural culture are unforgettable experiences. Some old Finnish habits are still a part of Finnish everyday life, 'pulla', 'viili' and rye bread are unique tastes. Did you know, that Finnhorse is one of strongest horse breeds in the world?

Croft House Tales postcards have founded their friends and amazed people all around the world, especially among postcrossing hobbyists. In Finland, postcrossing is extremely famous and Finnish language is fascinating for many European people.

Croft House Tales product are made locally and produced ecologically – a sustainable choice! Croft House Tales products introduce pure Finnish experience. The postcards are printed on Finnish, FSC-certified carton. The postcards are made in Finland. As a guarantee of this, they have been awarded Finnish Key Flag trademark.

Finnish graphic designer Ms. Pauliina Heikkilä founded her company Paperisilppuri to share these experiences and moments from Finnish countryside. The roots of her products are strongly in a small farm, where Pauliinas great-grandfather Juho arrived by wagons pulled by oxs in 1800's.

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